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    Chicken cutlets are simply chicken breasts that have been cut into pieces, but the perfect chicken cutlet is one that has been sliced thinly and evenly to perfection. When you cut a chicken breast, it’s because you want a cutlet that is guaranteed to cook evenly so that you don’t lose excess moisture and your chicken stays juicy. That’s why, here at Vincent’s Meat Market, we let only let the pros do the slicing. That way, no matter how you cook it, you’ll have juicy chicken cutlets every time.

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  • raw usda prime ground beef



    Vincent’s Meat Market carries high-quality USDA prime ground beef in a multitude of blends to suit your unique taste and dietary preferences. The perfect balance for juicy and tender ground beef is 80% lean, 20% fat. For a leaner option, check out our 90% lean, 10% fat Angus blend. Our other USDA prime ground beef blends include chuck and our Vincent’s Signature Blend, which is comprised of boneless short rib, sirloin, and brisket. Give us a call with any questions about our products.

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    Our USDA Prime hamburger patties are an American classic worthy of your grill. These packages contain two pre-formed patties that you can order in weights from 4oz to 8oz. Take your grilling a step further by having our hamburger patties stuffed with mozzarella or cheddar cheese. We also offer patties comprised of a 50/50 bacon and beef blend. Thank you for choosing Vincent’s Meat Market in the Bronx for all your fresh meat needs!

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    Nothing beats grilling up juicy Italian pork sausages to eat or add to various dishes. Vincent’s Meat Market’s famous homemade sweet Italian sausage features a proprietary blend of pork and seasonings in a natural, thick casing. You may order sausages in either one-pound, four-link packs or as a one-and-a-quarter-pound wheel. Vincent’s Meat Market is your one-stop shop for the tastiest sweet Italian sausage; give us a call today with any questions about your order.

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    Our famous homemade sausage featuring a proprietary blend of pork, italian cheese, parsley and other seasonings in a natural thin casing.

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  • Braciole (Beef)


    Thinly sliced beef(Top Round, London Broil) rolled up and seasoned with garlic, parsley and parmigiano. Beef Braciole is classic Italian comfort food and a great dish to make on a wintery Sunday afternoon. Stuffed beef rolls, simmered slowly in tomato sauce so the flavors from the stuffing infuse the sauce and the meat becomes fork tender, all while filling your house with the sweet smell of Italian Sunday dinner!

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  • Prime New York Strip Steak


    Buy prime New York strip steak in the Bronx at Vincent’s Meat Market. Vincent’s prime NY strip steak is cut from the short loin and defined by its fine marbling and hearty flavor. This cut from the short loin of the steer was originally referred to as the “Delmonico Steak,” which was named after a restaurant in New York called Delmonico. As this tender steak gained popularity, it wasn’t before long it was named the New York strip steak.

    Slap a little butter and Worcestershire sauce to finish off the flavor, and pair up this delectable cut of meat with your favorite wine.

    Shop our selection of prime New York strip steaks in the Bronx today.

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    Known for its lean and tender texture, Filet Mignon is king among other cuts of beef.

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    Our famous homemade Italian hot sausage is made with a proprietary blend of high-quality pork and spices(including fennel and crushed red pepper) in a natural thick casing. Classic and full of flavor, these sausages are perfect for pasta, sausage and peppers skillet dishes, or hoagies with heaps of delicious caramelized onion. Order our Italian hot sausages today in a 1 lb. pack of 4 or as a 1 to 1.25 lbs. wheel.

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  • Berkshire Porkchops


    Unlike traditional pork chops, Berkshire pork has a difference which is visible. With a higher marbling and darker, meatier texture, Berkshire pork products are a cut above the rest.

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  • Meatball/Meatloaf Mix


    The perfect blend of Beef, Veal, and Pork for your meatballs or meatloaf. Comes in a 1 lb. package. In the order notes section at checkout feel free to tell us how you want it (ex:Seasoned,With Eggs,Add Breadcrumbs).

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  • Fresh Jumbo Whole Chicken Wings


    Chicken wings are easily the most popular and versatile dark meat. No matter how you prepare them, whether grilled, baked, or fried, they always seem to offer that perfectly flavorful and notably moist bite we all love. Some may like just the drumettes, while others prefer just the wingette—but with Vincent’s Meat Market’s jumbo whole chicken wings, you’ll never have to make your guests pick and choose. Our fresh whole-chicken wings offer every bite of the wing, including the drumettes, flat/wingette, and the tip. We pack them at a pound per order and never freeze them so that they retain optimal freshness and flavor. Order our jumbo whole chicken wings today, and we’ll ship them out as soon as possible. To learn more about how we ship our fresh meat, please visit our shipping FAQ page or get in touch with us through our contact page.

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    Thinly sliced pork(Pork Butt) rolled up and seasoned with garlic, parsley and parmigiano. Pork Braciole is classic Italian comfort food and a great dish to make on a wintery Sunday afternoon. Stuffed pork rolls, simmered slowly in tomato sauce so the flavors from the stuffing infuse the sauce and the meat becomes fork tender, all while filling your house with the sweet smell of Italian Sunday dinner!

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  • raw boston butt pork

    Pork Butt (Boston Butt)


    Where To Buy Pork Butt

    If you’re wondering where to buy pork butt, there is no better place than Vincent’s Meat Market.

    Boston Butt aka Pork Butt, despite the name, comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg. A very versatile cut, as it is used for sausage, roast, pulled pork, and other dishes. Pork butt does well with long, slow cooking and is a great choice for barbecued, stewed, or braised meats. Some great dishes to use pork butt in include carnitas, chilis, and pot roast.

    Ordered in 1 lb. increments. When ordering multiple pounds, the product will deliver as one whole piece unless specified. i.e. ordering 5 lbs. would equal one 5 lb. piece.

    Vincent’s Meat Market has been supplying the greater Bronx area with premium pork butt for sale for nearly seven decades.

    Now that you know where to buy pork butt, stop in our store or visit us online today.

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    Our veal is fed a strict milk diet resulting in tender and juicy Milk Fed Veal Cutlets.

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    Perfect for braising, these short ribs feature intense marbling that comforts even the loneliest soul.

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