Pork Butt (Boston Butt)

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Where To Buy Pork Butt

If you’re wondering where to buy pork butt, there is no better place than Vincent’s Meat Market.

Boston Butt aka Pork Butt, despite the name, comes from the upper part of the shoulder from the front leg. A very versatile cut, as it is used for sausage, roast, pulled pork, and other dishes. Pork butt does well with long, slow cooking and is a great choice for barbecued, stewed, or braised meats. Some great dishes to use pork butt in include carnitas, chilis, and pot roast.

Ordered in 1 lb. increments. When ordering multiple pounds, the product will deliver as one whole piece unless specified. i.e. ordering 5 lbs. would equal one 5 lb. piece.

Vincent’s Meat Market has been supplying the greater Bronx area with premium pork butt for sale for nearly seven decades.

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