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    Here’s a quick dinner you can really sink your teeth into. These homemade stuffed pork chops are filled with 3 types of cheeses and spinach. They’re definitely a customer favorite!

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    Flavorful lamb mixed with a proprietary blend of fresh tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper and garlic in an all natural lamb casing.

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  • Fresh Oxtail


    If you’re looking for where to buy oxtail in the Bronx, in the heart of New York, Vincent’s Meat Market carries some of the highest-quality choices around. Oxtails are chunky round sections of bone studded with sweet meat. Succulent and deeply flavored, they get better and better the longer they’re cooked. Oxtail is perfect for creating hearty beef stocks, stews, and soups. This type of meat derives its gelatinous and beefy flavor from the collagen that exists in the bone. Oxtail meat is often prepared in pressure cookers or crockpots, depending on the recipe’s necessities. Each package weighs about 1 pound.

    The best oxtail meat market in the Bronx is at Vincent’s Meat Market. Visit us directly in our Bronx location, or shop online today!

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    Picanha for Sale

    If your search for where to buy picanha has landed you here, then congratulations—you’ve come to the right place! As it is one of the most prized cuts of meat offered in Brazil, Vincent’s Meat Market makes it a priority to carry high-quality picanha for sale. Picanha can be prepared several ways while still delivering ample amounts of flavor. It is typically grilled as a whole, skewered, pan-seared, or even made into steak bites. This cut of beef is prized in Brazil and has become increasingly popular in the United States. Cut from the sirloin, it is also known as the top sirloin cap, rump cover, rump cap, or coulette. It is cooked with the fat on so that it adds to the flavor of the steak.

    Vincent’s Meat Market is located at 187th street in the Bronx and has been providing premium-quality meats to the industry for nearly 70 years. Regardless of whether you decide to stop in our store in person or buy your picanha online, we know you won’t be disappointed.

    Visit us today to discover more about our picanha for sale.

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    This combination of the drumstick and thigh is versatile and delicious.

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  • USDA Prime Dry Aged T-Bone Steak


    A classic and noteworthy steak, featuring cuts from both the strip and filet mignon separated by it’s iconic “T” bone.

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  • USDA Certified American Shoulder Lamb Chops


    For the best lamb chops in the Bronx—or, indeed, anywhere—peruse the selection we offer at Vincent’s Meat Market. We offer various cuts of lamb, but our shoulder chops are particularly succulent. They are always fresh, never frozen, and shipped directly to your doorstep for superior convenience. Our American lamb chops are sourced only from reputable…

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    Cut from the shoulder and usually cooked in liquid. Perfect for your slow cooker recipes!

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  • Pork Belly


    At Vincent’s Meat Market, we offer premium-quality pork belly meat in the Bronx. Pork belly first appeared on dinner tables thousands of years ago in China. Pork curing methods were widespread through the Roman Empire, as well. This mouth-watering, tender cut of meat can be prepared on a skillet, roasted, seared, smoked, or slow roasted in the oven.

    This Pork Belly is cut in strips from the hog’s belly or once the spareribs and loin have been detached. This cut features the skin still attached and is sold in 1 1/2 lb. increments.

    To grab our high-quality pork belly meat in the Bronx, purchase yours at our online shop our visit or store on Arthur Avenue today.

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  • Stuffed Flank Steak Pinwheels


    Stuffed flank steak pinwheels are a home run addition to any grill get-together! At Vincent’s Meat Market, we make ours by stuffing and rolling USDA prime flank steak up with mozzarella, spinach, garlic, salt, pepper, and breadcrumbs. For easy grilling, it is skewered and sliced into pieces about a quarter pound each. Place it on the grill over medium heat for a few minutes on each side, and we promise the crowd will go wild. If you have any questions about our stuffed flank steak pinwheels, you can visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our team members. We’ll gladly help in any way we can!

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  • USDA Prime Short Ribs


    At Vincent’s Meat Market, you can find USDA prime beef short ribs for sale that are so easy to prepare—they almost cook themselves! Cut from the brisket, plate, or rib areas of the cow, short ribs feature short portions of rib bone overlain by a section of meat. When cooked in moist heat, like you would with braising or roasting, you can easily achieve that “meat that falls off the bone” experience that so many meat-loving people enjoy. Whether rubbed with a flavorful spice mix or slathered with a tasty sauce, no matter how to prepare it, this cut of meat is sure to satisfy! Order our USDA prime beef short ribs for sale online today, or stop by our Bronx-based butcher shop for a more personal experience.

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  • Turkey Cutlets


    Cutlets are a staple in any busy household due to their ease and quickness of cooking. Our expertly sliced, perfectly thin turkey breast cutlets cook, grill, and fry up quickly. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a creative twist on Thanksgiving dinner, Vincent’s Meat Market is here to fill your order. We provide…

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    Osso Buco is Italian for “bone with a hole” (osso “bone”, buco “hole”), a reference to the marrow hole at the centre of the cross-cut veal shank. The marrow in the shank bones bathes everything in its rich flavor as it renders during the braise.

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  • Baby Back Ribs (Domestic)


    Widely popular and an American favorite for generations. These ribs are perfect on the grill or in the oven, with bbq sauce or plain.

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    Guanciale is produced with whole pork cheeks. It is rubbed with salt, sugar, and spices (typically ground black pepper, thyme or fennel and sometimes garlic) and cured for three weeks. Its flavor is stronger & richer than other pork products, such as pancetta, and its texture is more delicate & silky. Upon cooking, the fat typically melts away giving great depth of flavor to the dishes and sauces it is used in.

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