How To Properly Season Your Duck for Thanksgiving

How To Properly Season Your Duck for Thanksgiving

Duck is one of the few poultries that is incredibly easy to keep moist and tender. This characteristic is due to a layer of fat under the duck’s skin that keeps the animal cool and helps it stay buoyant in the water. And although this provides them with a naturally delicious flavor, there are ways to enhance it. If you’re looking to make this waterfowl a family favorite, learn how to properly season your duck for Thanksgiving.

Keep It Simple

Because the flavor of duck is closer to red meat than it is to chicken, you can season it in a similar way that you would a quality steak. You can add salt, pepper, and some roasted garlic bulbs to craft a savory dream. Feel free to throw in some aromatics like thyme, sage, or rosemary; remember, a substantial portion of your taste experience comes directly from your nose! These herbs will help take some of the gamey taste out of the duck and provide a deeper flavor.

Keep It Sweet

For some delicious reason, you can cook almost any fruit with duck, and it will taste amazing. The sweet and occasional tartness from the fruit pairs perfectly with the natural savory and fatty flavor. You can use pears, cranberries, apples, plums, clementines, and other citrus fruits to achieve the perfect symphony of complex flavors. If you choose a sweet fruit and want to add additional flavor complexity, scallions and bay leaves do the job.

Add Warm Spices

While there is still some debate on the origin of Peking duck, there’s one reason why it’s still incredibly popular worldwide: the spices. Duck tastes fantastic with warm spices, especially the ones that we associate with the holidays. Star anise, cinnamon, ginger, and clove are just a few of the most popular spices used to season a duck. These flavors do a fantastic job of cutting straight through the fatty taste and packing a delicious punch.

Now that you know how to properly season your duck for Thanksgiving, what’s stopping you from impressing your guests this holiday season? And if you don’t know where to find a quality duck, Vincent’s Meat Market has you covered. Shop with us to have organic duck shipped right to your door, ensuring you can make delicious duck no matter where you are.

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