Common Misconceptions People Have About Ordering Meat Online

Common Misconceptions People Have About Ordering Meat Online

Thanks to the internet, more people have access to products that they never would have been able to get their hands on before. And with the addition of modern science, meat can now be shipped to your door with relative ease. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the truth about ordering meat online, even believing it to be unsafe. To clear the air, here are a few common misconceptions people have about ordering meat online.

Ordering Meat Online Is More Expensive

Additionally, the meat you order online is often cheaper than the meat you would get at a butcher shop—especially more expensive cuts such as Wagyu or T-bone.

But if you’re still unsure about the fair pricing for this product, the internet allows you to easily compare prices. This way, you can ensure your online retailer is providing a good deal.

You Get Poor-Quality Meat When You Order Online

Part of the reason why some people are uncomfortable ordering meat online is that they can’t judge the quality of the meat in person. Luckily, meat is graded to ensure you get the quality you paid for. For example, for a prime-grade cut of beef, an inspector has verified the quality of marbling, the quality of care the cattle received, and many other factors that safeguard the cut’s quality.

Ordering Meat Online Is Unsafe

When meat is left unrefrigerated, it can quickly become unsafe to eat. However, when meat is shipped frozen, it can lose the flavor and texture you paid for. But Vincent’s Meat Market ships its meat fresh, vacuum-packed, and as quickly as possible to ensure lasting freshness. And if you’re unhappy with the condition of your product, we have a customer service line that can take care of any problems your product may have run into.

While these are some of the most common misconceptions people have about ordering meat online, you may have other questions. Vincent’s Meat Market is here to help you fully understand how we ship our products and the quality of our meats. We’re dedicated to giving you the highest-quality meat at your maximum convenience.

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