Reasons To Buy Meat From a Butcher and Not a Supermarket

Reasons To Buy Meat From a Butcher and Not a Supermarket

America is a nation that loves meat. Nearly every meal we eat contains it, yet we don’t often stop to think about where it came from. Buying and preparing meat directly from a butcher shop can be a great way to treat yourself and your family. If you truly want to start enjoying your meals, there are many reasons to buy meat from a butcher and not a supermarket.

Unmatched Quality

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way first: the meat from a butcher shop simply tastes better. One of the biggest reasons for this is the freshness of the meat. Butcher shops typically get their products from local sources, allowing for a quicker turnaround to the store. And unlike supermarkets who often get their meat from factory farms rampant with animal abuse, many butcher shops work to ensure that their meat comes from farms that raise and treat the animals humanely.

Instead of meat wasting away in pre-wrapped packaging with no control over the size, butcher shops cut the meat directly in front of customers to their specifications. This allows much greater control over what goes into your food.

Experts in Their Craft

One of the things many people overlook in this debate is the role of the actual butcher. In a supermarket, you are likely to have to go through the kid who works the counter 15 hours a week for pocket money. In the butcher shop, you get an expert with years of experience who knows exactly how to prepare your cuts to bring out the best flavors. Another benefit of the butcher shop is the vast number of available cuts. While a supermarket may have the basics for a quick meal, the butcher shop is where you’ll want to head for any specialty items or unique cuts.

Premier Customer Service

Out of all the reasons to buy meat from a butcher and not a supermarket, the biggest is customer service. In a proper butcher shop, knowing how to cut the meat simply isn’t enough. Most shops offer expert advice on how to properly prepare your purchase as well as recipe tips for sides that will pair well with your food. Butcher shops are also local to the community. Shopping at a local store ensures that your money stays in and supports the community. Many times, they will also support local initiatives, events, or youth sports teams to try to give back.

As you can see, a local butcher shop is the best place to purchase your meat products. Vincent’s Meat Market, located in the real Little Italy neighborhood of New York City, is the best spot for Bronx butcher shop beef. Visit us today, and taste the difference for yourself.

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