4 Great Cheeses That Don’t Need Refrigeration

4 Great Cheeses That Don’t Need Refrigeration

Whether you’re making a charcuterie board, don’t have fridge space, or don’t like the taste of cold cheese, you need a cheese that can stay at room temperature. This idea may sound odd, as dairy products typically shouldn’t remain at room temperature. Fortunately, with the wonderful science of cheese, some allow for just that. Whatever your cheese needs are, here are four great cheeses that don’t need refrigeration.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is a hard Italian cheese made entirely from sheep’s milk, iconic for its hard crumbly texture and salty tang. Classic meats, such as salami and prosciutto, go well with this cheese and pair best with sweet, fruity wines. To keep this cheese fresh and ready for munching, wrap it in aluminum foil and keep it in a cool, dry place until ready to serve.

Aged Gouda

Similar to parmesan in terms of texture, aged gouda sports a deliciously buttery and nutty flavor. Some even liken the taste to \caramel or butterscotch, given its sweetness. Bold meats go well with this cheese, including chorizo or calabrese. You can also pair it with sweet fruits and baked goods. Wrap aged gouda in parchment or wax paper, cover it with plastic wrap, store it in a lidded container, and place it in a cool, dark place.

Asiago D’Allevo

You may start to notice a texture theme here, and there’s a reason for that! The harder the cheese is, the less moisture is in the cheese, and the better it lasts outside of the fridge. Asiago d’Allevo is no different and, in fact, comes in three graduations of hardness: mezzano (aged for 6 months), vecchio (over 10 months), and stravecchio (2 years). This cheese often features on salads, pasta, and pizza due to its almond and buttery flavor.

This cheese is tricky to keep, but those dedicated to its deliciousness can manage it. You must cover Asiago d’Allevo with a moist cheesecloth, wrap it in parchment, seal the item with tape, and store it in a cool dark location. However, you should moisten the cheesecloth every day to prevent it from drying out.


This straw-colored hard cheese is actually from Switzerland and, depending on how long cheese makers age it, can vary from a mild to a very sharp tang. It smells rather strong and usually has an aromatic-fruity flavor. This cheese suits gourmet pasta and pairs well with smoky meats. But if you’re looking for a good drink to pair it with, hard cider or Riesling are the perfect matches.

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