Top Reasons To Buy Meat Locally

Top Reasons To Buy Meat Locally

There are many benefits to going to a local butcher shop that a supermarket cannot match. From additional varieties of cuts to expert advice on how to prepare your meat, the local experience cannot be topped. But one of the hidden benefits of buying your meat at local butcher shops is knowing where they get their meat from. Here are the top reasons to buy meat locally instead of from the grocery store.

Better Flavor

In the battle between big corporations and small businesses, one of the biggest weapons in the arsenal of local butcher shops is the quality of the meat from local farms. While supermarkets get their meat from industrial farms, the best meat markets often choose local suppliers. Because of the extra time and care put in by the local farmers, the herds raised locally are known to be juicier and more flavorful. Customers are the beneficiaries who get to taste the difference.

The Healthier Alternative

Buying meat from local sources also offers the comfort of knowing what comes in the meat. Some industrial farms pump their livestock full of growth hormones and other chemicals while feeding them unhealthy diets meant to fatten them up. Conversely, many local farms grass-feed their animals organically and do not use antibiotics on the animals or preservatives in the meat. All of this adds up to a healthier meal for you and your family.

The Economic Benefits

Significant economic benefits accompany buying local. Purchasing from local shops and farms helps to keep an estimated four times as much money in the community when compared to buying from chain grocery stores. Purchasing from a local meat market also allows farmers to stay in business and helps to preserve the local economy. Buying locally can also save you some money. While supermarkets may mark up their prices to accommodate the costs of shipping and storing the meat, local butcher shops can purchase exactly what they need and pass their savings on to their customers.

These are just the top reasons to buy meat locally instead of from a supermarket. Family-owned since 1954, Vincent’s Meat Market is the premier meat market in the Bronx. Order online or visit our shop on Arthur Avenue today.

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