Why To Choose Ham Over Turkey for Thanksgiving

Why To Choose Ham Over Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey versus ham has long been a debate among those who celebrate Thanksgiving, and with fall approaching, the debate is ready to appear once again. Although turkey has been the iconic staple of the holiday, is it time to throw tradition out the window? We say yes! Here’s why you should choose ham over turkey this Thanksgiving.

Ham Is Juicier Than Turkey

In recent years, more people have realized just how difficult turkey is to cook and that the typical basting process often just doesn’t cut it. Turkey is very lean, meaning it lacks fat, and because of its size, the fat in the skin and the collagen in the bones aren’t enough to remedy this. So unless you’re wrapping your turkey in copious amounts of bacon—which defeats the purpose of choosing a lean meat—your turkey is at risk of drying out in the oven. However, ham has a naturally higher fat content, which means you can cook it low and slow for a tenderer, juicier meat experience.

Ham Is More Versatile

With ham, you don’t have to stick to the typical aromatics you’d see in a roast turkey. You can crust your ham with cracked pepper, smoke it, or add a pineapple-barbecue, cherry, or brown sugar glaze. And ham goes with everything, so you can have all the accoutrements that come with a classic Thanksgiving dinner while enjoying an all-around better main course.

Ham Is Easier and Quicker To Cook

As we mentioned, fresh ham has a higher fat content than turkey, so it won’t dry out nearly as easily; this means you don’t have to watch it as intensely. However, that only applies to fresh ham. Precooked or cured ham also takes much less time to cook; you should roast it for only about 12 minutes per pound. Regardless, ham is nowhere near as picky and difficult as turkey, especially if you buy a ham that’s cured and preseasoned.

Now that you know why you should choose ham over turkey this Thanksgiving, what’s stopping you? To make this holiday even easier, Vincent’s Meat Market sells spiral-cut hickory-smoked ham online so that you can have the easiest, most delicious Thanksgiving you’ve ever had.

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