What Is a Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb Really?

What Is a Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb Really?

Bone-in cuts of meat stay juicy while cooking because the collagen in the bones melts and helps keep the meat around it juicy. In lean cuts of meat like lamb leg, this bone can help preserve moisture when you use dryer cooking methods, such as roasting. Therefore, many people wonder about semi-boneless legs of lamb. How can something be semi-boneless, and why would you take that essential moisture out of such a lean cut? Read on to learn what a semi-boneless leg of lamb really is and how to cook it.

What Is Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg?

The difference between semi-boneless lamb legs and other legs of lamb is quite simple. For semi-boneless legs, butchers remove the shank and blade bones, leaving only the flavorful leg bone. This allows for a more attractive finish and makes it easier to carve.

Is a Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg Still Moist?

You may be wondering why someone would remove the shank and blade bone of the lamb if it has so much good collagen. However, the truth is that these bones don’t provide as much moisture as the large leg bone that does. Semi-boneless lamb can be just as juicy and tender as bone-in lamb. The main reason some people prefer semi-boneless lamb is that they like the overall look and how much easier it is to carve.

How Do You Cook Semi-Boneless Lamb Leg?

Fortunately, you can cook a semi-boneless lamb leg the same way you would a regular leg of lamb. All you have to do is broil each side for about five minutes until brown, loosely cover the leg in aluminum foil, and then roast it at 350°F for an hour. You’ll know it’s done cooking when the internal temperature is 135°F for medium rare or 140°F for medium.

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