Turkey Wings


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Turkey Wings for Sale

Find premium turkey wings for sale at Vincent’s Meat Market.

These Turkey Wings include the middle(flat) wing and wing tip. These are great for any dish you would make with chicken wings, but they have more meat and are a little bit leaner. Offering great taste and flavor. Make a tasty supper with this popular food item. Whether you want to add your favorite seasonings, bake, or fry these wings, they will certainly make for a great lunch or dinner dish. Pair up your turkey wings with a nice vegetable or another side of your liking. Plus, it’s precut for easy preparation.

Located on 187th street in the Bronx, Vincent’s Meat Market has been providing premium meats to the meat market industry for several decades. Whether you want to stop in and buy turkey wings or purchase online, we know you’ll love our cuts of meat.

For more information about our turkey wings for sale, be sure to stop in our store directly or reach out to our team today

Wings are sold in packs of 1 1/2 pounds and will have 2 – 4 wings, depending on their size.