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    Picanha for Sale

    If your search for where to buy picanha has landed you here, then congratulations—you’ve come to the right place! As it is one of the most prized cuts of meat offered in Brazil, Vincent’s Meat Market makes it a priority to carry high-quality picanha for sale. Picanha can be prepared several ways while still delivering ample amounts of flavor. It is typically grilled as a whole, skewered, pan-seared, or even made into steak bites. This cut of beef is prized in Brazil and has become increasingly popular in the United States. Cut from the sirloin, it is also known as the top sirloin cap, rump cover, rump cap, or coulette. It is cooked with the fat on so that it adds to the flavor of the steak.

    Vincent’s Meat Market is located at 187th street in the Bronx and has been providing premium-quality meats to the industry for nearly 70 years. Regardless of whether you decide to stop in our store in person or buy your picanha online, we know you won’t be disappointed.

    Visit us today to discover more about our picanha for sale.

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  • USDA Prime Short Ribs


    At Vincent’s Meat Market, you can find USDA prime beef short ribs for sale that are so easy to prepare—they almost cook themselves! Cut from the brisket, plate, or rib areas of the cow, short ribs feature short portions of rib bone overlain by a section of meat. When cooked in moist heat, like you would with braising or roasting, you can easily achieve that “meat that falls off the bone” experience that so many meat-loving people enjoy. Whether rubbed with a flavorful spice mix or slathered with a tasty sauce, no matter how to prepare it, this cut of meat is sure to satisfy! Order our USDA prime beef short ribs for sale online today, or stop by our Bronx-based butcher shop for a more personal experience.

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  • Tripe


    What is tripe you ask? Tripe is the stomach lining of the cow. While that might sound strange to some folks, its mild, soft, chewy texture is a popular cuisine staple worldwide, and for good reason! Not only is it incredibly rich in protein, B-12, and zinc, cooked tripe is incredibly versatile. It can be deep-fried or stewed to make tacos or a warm and comforting soup.

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    Beef hot dogs are an all-American staple for backyard barbecues, summer holidays, sports games, and more. At Vincent’s Meat Market, our butcher shop hot dogs are made with selected cuts of beef, all-natural spices, and special cures to achieve that classic flavor you just can’t resist. They are even sealed up in a natural beef casing, which gives them that signature snap when you take that first bite. We sell butcher shop hot dogs in packages of 8 that weigh about 1 lb. each. Buy yours online today or pop in at our physical store in the Bronx for a more personal experience.

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  • USDA Prime Dry Aged Porter House Steak


    Porterhouse steaks are perfect for any meat lover. This cut of steak features two steaks in one, featuring both the tender filet mignon and meatier New York strip steak. From the hip end of the short loin, this USDA Prime Porterhouse has a full portion of the strip and a generous portion of the filet.

    We also offer larger cuts like 36 oz and 48 oz Porterhouse steak cuts to accommodate your larger meal plans. In addition, we offer different age ranges for our porterhouse steak. Try this versatile steak option for yourself.

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  • USDA Prime Hanger Steak


    Curious about where to buy hanger steak? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Vincent’s Meat Market, we have USDA prime hanger steak for sale that you can order online or at our physical location in the Bronx. Unlike other cuts of beef, this type of steak is sourced from the muscle that hangs from the bone, which results in a more tender, juicy, and meaty cut, hence the name hanger steak. With even marbling and an ability to remain tender, hanger steak is often prepared on the grill with a simple dash of salt and pepper to bring out the steak’s true flavor. Shop our USDA prime hanger steak for sale online today or at our physical butcher shop in the Bronx.

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    This cross-cut beef shank gets its name from the marrow filled bone in the center.

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  • Beef Marrow Bones


    Bone marrow is incredibly rich in fat and protein and has a creamy, buttery texture. As a result, marrow acts almost like a flavor sponge, absorbing all the spices and herbs of what it’s cooked in. Not only are marrow bones delicious, but their high amount of collagen is also great for your body’s tissue health. Beef marrow bones are popular because of their flavor and the large amount of marrow they have. So whether you’re looking to make broth or use it as butter, head to Vincent’s Meat Market. We can ship high-quality marrow bones for cooking right to your door.

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    This premium, lean, bone-in steak is a steakhouse classic, known for its marbling, tenderness and flavor. Each steak weighs 16oz. and is cut 1 in. thick.

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    Dry Aged Prime Rib for Sale

    Discover dry aged prime rib for sale at Vincent’s Meat Market.

    Prime rib is the king of beef roasts and an excellent choice for festive occasions. This prime rib roast is well-marbled and well-aged, and it is as impressive and delightful as it is flavorful and tender. By default, we cut the bones and re-tie them onto the roast.

    This angus steer cut of meat will deliver more flavor than any other beef. The dry aging will give the steak a rich and unique flavor profile. Our dry aging process involves placing this incredible cut of meat on the dry rack for several weeks. During this time, this allows the moisture to evaporate from the muscles, delivering a higher level of flavor.

    At Vincent’s Meat Market, we’ve been supplying the meat industry with quality prime rib for sale for nearly 70 years. Located on 187th street in the Bronx, there is no better place than Vincent’s Meat Market to purchase USDA prime roast.

    Grab your dry-aged prime rib roast for sale from us today.

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    Much like pork bacon, beef bacon is made from the beef belly—which is the area of the cow known to be rippled with fatty goodness. When rendered, beef bacon slices look a lot like typical bacon with the familiar ribbons of fat you know and love. Despite its fat content, beef bacon is much leaner and healthier than pork bacon. It has an overall stronger, meatier flavor, making it the perfect choice for meat lovers looking for a healthier alternative.

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  • USDA Prime Skirt Steak


    This cut is traditionally used in fajitas and can go well in a steak salad. It’s best cooked quickly and cut against the grain.

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    Dry aged beef on bone perfection. This flavorful, juicy, and tender steak will give your tastebuds, family and friends a night to remember.

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    The most tender cut just got an upgrade. These 8 oz. Filet Mignons are wrapped in bacon which elevates the subtle flavor of the filet and leaves an impact on your taste buds. Sold per piece.

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  • USDA Prime Chuck Roast


    Perfect for the grill, broiler or a slow cooker. This cut features a rich flavor and a healthy balance of meat and fat.

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  • Flat Iron Steak


    A cut from the chuck with intense marbling.

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Here at Vincent’s Meat Market, we proudly provide you with a variety of high-quality beef meat options to suit even the pickiest of palates. From classic hot dogs and ground beef to USDA prime filet mignon and tomahawk steak, our selection has everything you need to create an unforgettable meal. We’ll even season your meat for you, so you can throw it on the grill or oven for a quick, easy, and delicious dinner.

Are there too many tantalizing choices for you to just pick one? Check out our grill starter pack or our ultimate grill pack, which will bring an array of mouthwatering meats right to your door. Never settle for anything less than convenient, delicious, high-quality meat again, and shop at Vincent’s Meat Market today.