Ways To Keep Chicken Moist and Flavorful

Ways To Keep Chicken Moist and Flavorful

A staple of many diets, chicken is a favorite dish of cultures across the globe. One big reason for this is the variety of ways for the meat to be prepared. But all of the different methods for preparing poultry can make it difficult to find a method the entire family will enjoy. Here are several ways to keep chicken moist and flavorful for your next meal.

Before Cooking

There are a few different methods you can use to add flavor and tenderness to the chicken before even beginning the cooking process. One method is to marinate the chicken, especially if it can be done overnight. Another pre-cooking method helpful in keeping the chicken’s moisture and flavor is a brine bath in a solution of salt, water, and sugar. Finally, consider pounding the chicken until it is thin. This helps prevent the chicken from burning on the outside but being uncooked in the middle.

While Cooking

Even during the cooking process, there are still several different ways to keep chicken moist and flavorful. One is to use the right type of pot for cooking. The deeper the pot, the more likely it will be to hold in moisture and keep the meat submerged. Larger pots are also good because they allow for the chicken to be cooked more evenly. Wrapping the chicken in foil as cooking nears completion helps retain its moisture. Similarly, basting it with oil or butter helps the poultry to stay moist and distribute the juices evenly.

About the Chicken

The final big factor in a chicken’s flavor is the meat itself. It’s recommended not to cook the bird until it has reached room temperature; frozen meat can result in a dry and flavorless meal. Simply set the chicken out approximately 30 minutes before cooking for the best results. If the flavor is a concern, look for chicken with higher fat content; the fat will moisten the rest of the chicken as it cooks. Finally, be sure to cook the chicken to the right temperature. While some meats are safe to consume if undercooked, undercooked poultry can lead to significant health problems.

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