Tops Tips for Preparing a Sirloin Steak

Tops Tips for Preparing a Sirloin Steak

No matter the season, a fresh steak that’s perfectly prepared is always a welcome meal. Part of this is knowing how to use different cooking methods to prepare your meat for the table. Here are our top tips for preparing a sirloin steak for the grill and the stove top.

Staging the Meat

Start by stopping into your local meat market to pick up some fresh sirloin steak from the butcher. The best way to get your steaks ready for cooking is to prepare them the night before by patting them dry, applying salt, and letting them sit in the refrigerator uncovered for the night. Finally, take them out about 30 minutes before you want to start cooking, especially if you want to marinate them further.

On the Grill

Before beginning, wipe down your grill with an oiled rag. This will prevent the meat from sticking to the grill. You should prepare your grill by getting it hot enough to burn off past food residue. Keep the lid on until you’re ready to start cooking the steaks to get the best grill marks. Cook each side for about five minutes, and then let the steaks rest on a plate for about 10 minutes to give the juices time to reabsorb into the meat.


Pan-searing and grilling sirloin have many similarities. Use cooking oil on the pan on which you want to sear the steaks. Preheat the pan and get it as hot as possible before adding the steaks. You’ll want to let the steak sear on each side for about three minutes and then set them aside to rest for about 10 minutes before serving.

One of the best reasons to buy from a local butcher shop is the cooking recommendations it can offer. At Vincent’s Meat Market, we take great pride in our ability to provide the top tips for preparing a sirloin steak or any other product we sell. Mix that with the highest-quality cuts, and you have the top meat market in New York City.

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