Tips and Tricks for Grilling Ham Everyone Should Know

Tips and Tricks for Grilling Ham Everyone Should Know

On its own, ham is a smokey, savory delight, but if you cook it on the grill, it can be a totally new flavor experience. If you’ve never tried this method of cooking before, you’re missing out, and we’re here to let you in on all the juicy details. To help you create an out-of-this-world meal, let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks for grilling ham everyone should know.

Marinate Beforehand

If you intend to slice your ham while cooking to get nicely cooked pieces, it’s important to note that these slices can curl up and dry out if not cooked properly. To prevent this, you can either coat the slices in a little bit of oil or marinate them overnight or six hours before cooking. Doing so will help ensure that your ham stays moist and tender throughout the grilling process. It’s also wise to cook smaller pieces of ham, like individual slices or quarter ham. Grilling half or whole ham will cause the outside to cook much faster than the inside.

Use the Right Tools

To preserve as much moisture as possible, avoid using a fork to turn your ham throughout the cooking process. When grilling your ham, it’s best to use a good old-fashioned pair of tongs. It’s also likely that your ham will drip a lot, so you may want to leave a little bit of foil underneath it and add grill marks at the end by letting it sear for a few seconds. However, if you don’t want the extra fat, you can place a dripping pan under the grate, which also makes it easier to clean later.

Cook It Low and Slow

If you’re cooking slices, you can get away with grilling your ham on direct heat, but you’ll have to watch it very closely. If you intend to cook more than that, indirect heat is going to be your best bet. You can either push your charcoal to one side of the grill or make a ring around the sides, leaving the center charcoal free. On a gas grill, use the side of the burner instead after you’ve preheated the grill. If you place tinfoil under your ham, this will also help prevent the bottom from burning and drying out.

Ultimately, all the tips and tricks won’t help you grill delicious ham if the quality isn’t there—and that’s where Vincent’s Meat Market comes in! We’ve been providing quality meat in the Bronx since 1954, and our smoked bone-in ham comes precooked and sliced for a quick, easy, and delicious meal on the grill.

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