How To Make Amazing Candied Bacon at Home

How To Make Amazing Candied Bacon at Home

Have you ever wanted to try making candied bacon at home but thought it might be too difficult? We’re here to tell you that the process is actually quite easy and only requires three ingredients. If you’re a big fan of this traditional snack, keep reading for our tips on how to make amazing candied bacon at home so you can enjoy it more often.

Find the Right Ingredients

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients to make candied bacon at home. For the traditional candied bacon recipe, you’ll need fresh pork bacon, brown sugar, and cinnamon. We recommend checking out your local butcher for the freshest quality bacon. The bacon is the star of this dish, while the sweeter ingredients can be switched out as you like. For example, try using maple syrup or caramel if you prefer.


First, preheat your oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While it’s heating, mix your cinnamon and sugar (or alternative sweeteners of choice) and coat both sides of each strip of bacon in the mix. Next, place the coated bacon onto a foil-lined baking sheet or cooling rack. From here, you can season your candied bacon with any additional sweeteners or spices of your choice.

Cooking Tips

Once your oven is preheated, cook the bacon for about 15 to 20 minutes or according to your cooking preferences. Some prefer their bacon to be crispy. However, be careful not to overcook candied bacon, or you run the risk of burning the caramelized sugar and sweeteners. The edges of your bacon should look crisp but not burnt.

Once your bacon is cooked through, pull it out of the oven, let it cool, and then you’re ready to serve and enjoy! Candied bacon is one of those recipes that’s extremely easy to make from home, much to many folks’ surprise. So next time you have a party and need a delicious appetizer or side dish, follow these tips for how to make amazing candied bacon at home for a surefire way to wow your guests.

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