Everything You Need To Know About Wild Game Meat

Everything You Need To Know About Wild Game Meat

Since the dawn of human civilization, hunters have braved the wild to bring home food for the family. Now, most adults simply go to a grocery store to bring meat back to their homes. Though where we get our dinner from has changed, the taste for that same wild game from the hunters of yore that many still enjoy has not. Here is everything you need to know about wild game meat.

Why Eat Game?

So why choose wild game over more traditional fare like pork, beef, and chicken? One reason is the health benefits associated with it. Even though wild game is typically lower in fat, it is also leaner than the meat that comes from factory farms. The meat is also healthy, having many nutrients not found in grocery store meat. Finally, you can rest easy knowing that there are no artificial hormones or antibiotics because the animals are wild.

Types of Game

There are three general categories of meat for wild game that are based on the size of the animal. Small bird game includes quail and pheasants, but generally, there isn’t much meat on smaller animals such as this. There is also a category for big game such as deer and moose. These animals are good for stockpiling your freezer but take up much more space due to the size of the animal. Between those two categories is a middle ground for game proper. This includes ground game such as rabbit and birds like duck, serving as the source of most wild game meat found in butcher shops.

Preparing the Meat

Preparing game meat is similar to preparing meat that comes from any other source. While game hasn’t been bred for flavor, there is still a great deal to be found if you know how to bring it out. In fact, the meat can be so flavorful that some chefs recommend cooking it as a 50/50 blend with more “traditional” meat to help acclimate yourself to the taste. Due to how lean most game meat is, it is often recommended to use recipes that slow cook the meat or to use it in stews.

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