3 Things That Make Tomahawk Steaks So Special

3 Things That Make Tomahawk Steaks So Special

Primal cuts refer to the pieces of meat that are first removed from the animal during the butchering process. Rib primal is one of the four primal cuts of beef and is the sixth and twelfth ribs of the steer. Tomahawk steak is a subprimal cut that comes from this section of beef and is essentially a bone-in ribeye steak. This often begs the question of what makes tomahawk steak so special if it’s an extension of ribeye.

Tomahawk Steak Is Visually Stunning

It may sound unimportant to some, but for avid streak lovers, presentation is everything, and no cut of beef is more visually stunning than tomahawk steak. This is because tomahawk steak looks like a tomahawk, which is a type of single-handed axe used by various indigenous nations throughout North America. Additionally, this cut of steak is massive and comes in at roughly 35 to 45 ounces, which is about two and a half pounds of beef. This steak will immediately be the centerpiece of any dinner table.

Tomahawk Steak Takes Time

In order to properly cut a tomahawk steak, you need quite a bit of professional butchering experience, as this cut doesn’t come out looking as perfect as it does when sold. A tomahawk steak has about 5 inches of clean bone coming out of it that looks like a handle, so it has to go through the process of French trimming. This process removes unwanted meat and sinew to give this cut its defined and iconic shape. The extra love and labor that goes into cutting a tomahawk steak is part of what makes it unique and more expensive than your classic ribeye.

Tomahawk Steak Is More Tender

When it comes down to it, most meat lovers will tell you that tomahawk has a more tender and buttery texture than ribeye steak. But how can that be if these cuts are so similar? The answer is simple! The large bone left in the cut contains a lot of collagen that melts into the surrounding meat when cooked, resulting in a juicier and much more tender cut. Additionally, this extra bit of moisture makes this cut much easier to cook than a traditional ribeye, as you don’t have to worry as much about drying out your steak.

Now that you know more about what makes tomahawk steak so special, what’s stopping you from going on a flavor adventure and tasting the steak of a lifetime? Vincent’s Meat Market has been providing high-quality meat since 1954 and has professional butchered dry-aged tomahawk steak for sale that can be shipped right to your door!

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