Understanding the Differences Between Veal and Beef

Understanding the Differences Between Veal and Beef

The age-old question of what’s for dinner is often a difficult one for people to answer. There are enough options available that it is easy to become overwhelmed. But learning about the ingredients you are using and how to cook with them makes meal prep much easier to manage. This is especially important when different ingredients come from the same source, as is the case with veal and beef. Though they come from the same animal, many things distinguish the two. Here are our tips for understanding the differences between veal and beef.


Veal is the type of meat the comes from young calves ranging in age from five days old to 35 weeks of age. There are several different varieties of veal partially classified based on the age of the animal when slaughtered, including bob, milk-fed, rose, and grain-fed. This type of meat is part of many culinary traditions, especially French and Italian.


The meat from adult cattle is beef, one of the most popular ingredients in American food. There are many different cuts of beef based on how the butcher carves the meat. There are even some varieties of cattle specifically bred to meet the high demand for this meat.

The Differences

While these two types of meat come from the same source, it’s important to understand the differences between veal and beef. Beef comes from older cattle, which gives the muscles time to build, making the meat tougher than veal. Beef is likely to be a shade of red, while veal can be pink or yellow. Another critical difference between the two is that it is uncommon to carve veal into different cuts. Veal has more cholesterol, fat, and calories than beef but makes up for it with the tender flavor many food aficionados crave.

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