Top Tips for Preparing BBQ Ribs

Top Tips for Preparing BBQ Ribs

Few things in this world make full-grown adults salivate like the scent of BBQ ribs smoking on the grill. Tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs are a favorite everywhere, from backyard barbeques to world-class restaurants. You can learn how to prepare them with a bit of time and preparation. Here are our top tips for preparing BBQ ribs.

Visit the Butcher

It’s no secret that the most important ingredient in BBQ is the meat. Rather than waste time and money on inferior chunks from the grocery store, stop into your local meat market. Butcher shops carry the highest-quality meats, often from local sources that emphasize sustainability. While there, a butcher can answer any questions about preparing and cooking the ribs and offer serving recommendations to complete your meal. Your butcher can also remove the unwanted parts of the meat, including carving off the silver skin from the ribs’ underside.

Preparing Your Meat

Start the preparations for your meal by rubbing your marinade into the ribs. While a basting brush works best, your hands or a spatula will do in a pinch. Be sure to coat as much of the meat’s surface as possible before refrigerating the ribs in a covered container for several hours to ensure an even flavor throughout.

Cooking a Feast

Many of the top tips for preparing BBQ ribs relate to the cooking of the meal. When the time comes to put the ribs on the grill, keep the grill at a steady temperature to thoroughly cook the meat. Avoid basting the ribs with BBQ sauce too early to keep the sugars in the sauce from burning the meat. Be sure to use all the tools at your disposal, including tongs for handling the meat and a brush for spreading additional sauces. After you finish cooking the ribs, let them sit to allow the juices to soak back into the meat, adding to the tenderness.

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