Top Tips for Deboning and Spatchcocking a Quail

Top Tips for Deboning and Spatchcocking a Quail

At the dinner table, chicken is the undisputed king of birds, making up the majority of the protein that we consume. But other forms of poultry are just as capable of providing the nutrients that we need to survive. Here are the top tips for deboning and spatchcocking a quail.


As the name sounds, deboning a quail describes the process of preparing the bird for cooking by removing the bones. There is a simple means for doing this that will ensure your bird comes out properly prepared. You should start by trimming the neck and the wing tips to aid the presentation of your quail. Next, remove the wishbone from the opening near the neck by cutting it free from the breast. You should now expose the shoulder and separate the flesh from the breastbone and back. Taking out the ribcage and newly-freed breastbone should be the next step in the process. Finally, remove the thigh bones before turning the quail right-side-out for cooking.


The process of spatchcocking ensures your poultry is ready to cook. While deboning can be a part of this, spatchcocking specifically refers to the process of flattening the quail. To properly spatchcock a quail, start by turning the bird breast-down on your cutting board. Then, take a sharpened pair of kitchen shears to cut the bird open and remove the backbone. The biggest advantage to spatchcocking a quail, or any other poultry, is that it shortens the cooking time necessary to get the bird on the table.

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