The Different Cuts of a Chicken

The Different Cuts of a Chicken

Poultry—and chicken, in particular—is an integral part of the diet for many people around the globe. Learning about the various cuts of the bird can go a long way in increasing the variety of ways you prepare chicken and the ease with which you prepare your meals. Here’s a helpful guide to the different cuts of a chicken.


Usually less expensive than other cuts of poultry, wings are meant to be eaten with the fingers instead of with a fork. Chicken wings are staples of many gatherings, especially those that revolve around sports. This dark meat includes drumettes, flats, and the tip of the wing.


Making up one part of the chicken leg is the drumstick. Also consisting of dark meat, drumsticks are excellent alternatives to wings, and it also feels right to hold the meat instead of slicing it with utensils.


The thigh is the other part of the leg, and it has some of the most flavorful meat in the bird. The source of this additional flavor is fat, so be cautious when eating to avoid the fat. Thigh meat is good on its own or as part of recipes such as stir-fries, bakes, and casseroles.


The most versatile meat from the different cuts of a chicken comes from the breast. You can bake, grill, fry, poach, and shred chicken breast, to name a few of the possible ways to prepare the meat. With or without skin, this white meat has little fat, so it fits perfectly into most diets.


Not strictly a cut but still worth discussing is the tenderloin area of the chicken, which produces chicken tenders. Portions of the breast, these tender pieces of white meat offer tasty alternatives when you’re looking for an easier weekday meal.

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