Mistakes To Avoid When Eating Steak

Mistakes To Avoid When Eating Steak

One of the quintessential activities of summer is grilling in the backyard, and nothing says cookout like a good steak. But there’s only so much that you can do on the grill before leaving part of the flavoring responsibility to the individual diner. As with all types of beef, what you do with the meat once it reaches the plate will play an essential part in how your meal tastes. Here are some of the flavor-losing mistakes to avoid when eating steak.

Not Allowing To Rest

The first mistake many wannabe grill masters make in serving steak is not allowing the meat to rest before serving. This gives the juices the opportunity to soak back into the meat, making them less likely to be lost upon cutting into the steak. Simply leave the meat covered in foil on the serving tray for about five minutes after removing it from the grill to get the desired effect.

Cutting Errors

People also make a few cutting errors when eating steak that could hurt the flavor. Using the wrong type of knife, or a dull one, increases the chances of juices being pushed out. Another mistake some people make is to slice along the grain of the meat, but this makes chewing more difficult and can ruin taste distribution. Finally, don’t cut into the steak until you’re ready to take a bite.

Flavoring Mistakes

Adding too much or little seasonings is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid when eating steak. Remember to start with a small amount before increasing; you can always add but not take away. The same is true of steak sauce since too much can mask the flavor of the meat. Before you get any ideas in your head, you should also quash the notion that ketchup is ever an acceptable condiment for steak.

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