Common Mistakes When Grilling Steak

Common Mistakes When Grilling Steak

One of the few truths of American cuisine is that, for any event, there is an appropriate dish. For many of those events, this includes breaking out the trusty grill for a special BBQ. But for some, the thought of ruining the festivities with bad barbeque is too much to stomach. For those looking to improve their searing skills, here are some tips for preventing common mistakes when grilling steak.

Poor Quality Meat

One of the biggest mistakes made by amateur and veteran grillers alike is not selecting the highest quality meat. Many people will go to a grocery store cooler for their steaks instead of going to their neighborhood meat market. Not only are you likely to find the highest quality meats at a butcher shop, but you can also get advice on cooking methods, pairing recommendations, and alternatives that could save you money.

No Prep-Work

Another error frequently made by many wannabe grillmasters is not putting in any prep work to ensure your steaks are ready for the grill. Decide early on how you want to season or marinate your meat to allow the flavors time to soak in before hitting the grill. Remove the steaks from the refrigerator 30 minutes to an hour before grilling to ensure your food cooks evenly on the grill.

Not Checking Temperatures

There are few ways to get sick from food faster than eating undercooked meat. But many amateur grillers try to determine if their steak is ready through guesswork. No matter how done you prefer your steak, you should always cook the meat to an internal temperature of at least 145°F, and the only real way to ensure you reach that threshold is by using a meat thermometer.

Not Cleaning the Grill

The final common mistake when grilling steak is not cleaning the grate after grilling. A dirty grill ruins your next round of steaks by making the meat stick to the grates, causing your food to tear and release moisture. Cleaning the grate with a wire brush after each use removes the stuck-on food and ensures your grill is ready to go for future cookouts.

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