3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Organic Duck

3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Organic Duck

If you’re looking for deliciously tender meat that’s healthy too, we have just the thing! Read on to learn three reasons why you should consider buying organic duck.

Nutritious and Lean

Much like chicken, duck meat is lean with very little fat, especially when compared to cuts of beef like prime rib or filet mignon. While they’re all equally delicious, fatty meats aren’t an option for people who have certain dietary needs. Additionally, duck is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. It’s packed with iron, copper, vitamin B12, B2, and essential fats. All of these are incredibly important to the function and growth of cells and blood cells.

Easy To Cook and Versatile

While duck meat is considered lean, it does have a slightly higher fat content than chicken, but that extra bit of fat makes it much easier to cook than chicken. With chicken, you have to leave the skin and cone on while cooking it quickly at high heat so it doesn’t dry out. You can cook duck meat slowly on low heat without having to worry about a dry, chalky end product. Because of this, you can use duck meat in more recipes, making it the most versatile poultry option.

Less Exposure To Harsh Additives

When you buy organic meat, you can rest assured that the use of antibiotics is strictly prohibited, and you reduce the risk of exposure to pesticides. But why does that matter? Unfortunately, non-organic meat may have pesticide residue in it. Additionally, there is growing concern that the use of antibiotics in meat is contributing to the issue of antibiotic resistance in America. The more you’re exposed to antibiotics, the less effective they are against illnesses.

Ultimately, you should consider buying organic duck because it’s better for you and the earth, and the fact that it’s delicious also doesn’t hurt. If you want to buy a whole duck and have it delivered fresh to your door, Vincent’s Meat Market can do just that. We specialize in delivering fresh, never frozen, quality meat, so you can have fresh, delicious, organic duck whenever you want it.

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