3 New Grilling Trends To Try This Summer

3 New Grilling Trends To Try This Summer

Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings are all classics that never fail to get people together. Though these foods are undoubtedly delicious, switching it up and trying something new could be worthwhile. You might come out with a tasty addition to your home menu. Since the weather’s warming up, here are three new grilling trends to try this summer that will have your partygoers asking for the recipe.

Add Summer Spice

A few cooling spices will help beat the summer heat when grilling and go well with any meat. Ginger, fennel, and cardamom add deep flavor without being overly spicy.

If you’re looking to add a little heat, jalapeno apricot jam is great with anything. Lemon juice, peppercorn, and chili are also great pairings.

When it comes to cooking, you want a flavor balance. Whether it’s sweet and salty or cool and hot, you want to make sure the flavors cut through one another to avoid one taste becoming overly saturated.

Make It Fruity

While pineapple and meat can be a very controversial topic, grilling it along with your meat adds a whole new flavor pallet to your food and can give it that extra texture and balance you need. Cucumber is another fruit that can add great crunch and absorbs whatever spice you put on it like a sponge.

As mentioned previously, apricot has its own distinct sweet flavor and goes well with salt or spice; the same goes for plums. Pears and apples, while still sweet, don’t have as strong of a flavor when grilled. If you’re looking for something that gets a little softer but still stays sweet, these are your best options.

Try New Cuts

If you’re newer to the world of grilling, there may be a few new cuts you’d like to try that you might not have heard of. Flank, tri-tip, and flat iron are unique cuts to help you break out from the world of hamburgers and hot dogs. They’re easy to slow cook on a grill and test, especially if you use a wood or charcoal grill.

One of the most popular cuts of meat to grill is a fresh tomahawk steak. Because of its marbling, it cooks just like any other steak, so there’s no secret hack or trick to make it delicious. But it’s actually harder to make tough and chewy because of the fat content. If you want to buy tomahawk steak, head to Vincent’s Meat Market today!

These three summer grilling trends to try are complete game-changers. Your guests and your stomach are sure to thank you this season. So start practicing today and perfect that new grilling masterpiece.

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