Why Dry Aging Improves the Meat's Flavor

Why Dry Aging Improves the Meat’s Flavor

Dry aging is the process of drawing moisture out of meat, typically beef, by placing it in a controlled, open-air environment. There is a science behind the process that truly enhances the meat’s flavor. And the reason dry-aged is more expensive is because the loss of moisture reduces the original weight of the cut, and the overall process is very time-consuming. You may be wondering what exactly any of that has to do with how it tastes. Read on to learn why dry aging improves the flavor of the meat.

Dry Aging Enhances the Overall Flavor of Meat

Because dry aging meat intends to draw out moisture, it improves the overall flavor of the cut. This is because it removes the water content that typically dilutes the flavor. Also, the fat in the meat becomes more pronounced, and if you know about meat, you know that’s a large part of where the flavor comes from. So essentially, dry aging improves the flavor of meat because it concentrates the flavor, reducing the need for salt and seasoning.

Dry Aging Makes Meet More Tender

Meat has natural enzymes that speed up chemical reactions. During the dry aging process, the enzymes in the meat break down the muscle in the cut, making the meat much softer. Additionally, cooking dry-aged meat reduces the cooking time by about 30 percent, partially due to the water and weight loss. Due to the built-in tenderness and reduced cook time, you will end up with a buttery soft cut.

Dry Aging Can Make a Great Cut Even Better

You may have noticed that it is not just any cut of meat that’s being dry aged. High-quality cuts of beef, such as a prime rib, are the most likely to be dry aged. This is because the cut is already high quality, and dry aging will make a naturally delicious cut taste better, meaning you and your butcher are getting more bang for your buck.

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