The Different Cuts of Poultry Meat

The Different Cuts of Poultry Meat

The Different Cuts of Poultry Meat

Poultry is one of the most popular and versatile types of meats that you can buy from a meat market. This is because poultry meat is both mild and flavor and easy to prepare, making it a great source of protein for a wide variety of dishes. The different cuts of poultry meat you’ll find at a meat market can be sourced from a variety of poultry birds like chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, quail, pheasants, and more depending on the geographical location.

The Four Primal Cuts of Poultry


The breast of a poultry bird, such as a chickenduck, or turkey, is sourced from the front-most breast section and is comprised of lean white meat. It is mild in flavor but prone to drying out when cooked improperly. Therefore, it’s best to cook breast meat with extra care to retain moisture. Some methods to try include dry poaching, searing the skin before roasting, and allowing the meat to rest before slicing and serving.


Wings are another source of white meat and can be divided into three sections: the wing tip, winglet, and wing drumette. Of the different cuts of poultry meat, wings are often the most popular choice for barbecuing, but they can also be baked or pan seared.


Thigh meat is a dark meat that is cut from the upper section of the leg, specifically from the knee up. It is one of the juicier and more tender cuts of poultry meat and is most often skinned and deboned for use in stir-fry and skillet dishes.


The drumstick is the lower portion of the leg, taken from the knee down. It is a dark meat and is therefore very juicy and tender. While drumsticks can be deboned, it is more common to find them bone-in, seasoned or slathered in barbecue sauce, and barbecued whole.